Cultures in Globalization     
      Spring 2009

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  • Click here to learn a little more about the Colorado River in its
    current situation as a follow up to our Cadillac Desert  viewing. In the
    documentary The American Southwest: Are We Running Dry?,
    filmmaker Jim Thebaut looks at the state of the Southwest's water and
    if there will be enough to go around. He examines stressed water
    sources like the Colorado River, the Rio Grande and the Sacramento-
    San Joaquin river system in California, as well as Lake Powell, which
    straddles Utah and Arizona on the Colorado River, and Lake Mead,
    also on the Colorado, between Nevada and Arizona.
  • Go to an article on how a dam near the May '08 earthquake in China
    could have added to the stresses that caused the quake.
  • "Boundaries" article by Irene Klaver
  • Blatter & Ingram's Reflections on Water
  • "The Rhizome" from Deleuze & Guartari, 1000 Plateaus
  • "Introducation" from de Certeau, The Practice of Everyday Life
  • "Aporias", by Jacques Derrida
  • Serge Latouche's Westernization of the World

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