Reading Group             
Summer I 2008
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Edmund Husserl,
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Each semester I offer a free intensive reading group for most
rigorously one text or idea in the life-work of a philosopher.

For Summer I 2008 we will be doing Edmund Husserl's

June 09:
  • Read "The World of the Living Present and the Constitution of the
    Surrounding World External to the Organism." Dowload here.
  • Read "Foundational Investigations of the Phenomenological
    Origins of the Spatiality of Nature." Download here.
  • Read "The Crisis of the Sciences as Expression of the Radical Life-
    Crisis of European Humanity" (in Crisis, pp 3-20)
  • Beginning Diagram for mutual study... Download here.

June 16
  • Keith's Working Notes for June 16, 2008. Download here.
  • Read Section II of Crisis, pp. 21-102
  • Read Section III-A of Crisis, pp. 103-142

June 23
  • Read Section III-A of Crisis, pp. 143-190
  • Read Section III-B of Crisis, pp. 190-268

June 30
  • Read Appendixes. We will vote in group on which we want to read.
  • Catch and conclude our discussions.