Reading Group             
Summer I 2008
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Karl Jaspers,
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Each semester I offer a free intensive reading group for
DISCIPLINED students. The purpose of the groups is to examine
most rigorously one text or idea in the life-work of a philosopher.

To see the schedule for Summer I 2008, go
To see the tentative schedule for Fall 2008, go here.

For Summer II 2008 we will be doing Karl Jaspers' method of
PERIECHONTOLOGIE, or getting at being from around the edges.
This method is most clearly worked out in his
for which there is no full translation in English.
However, a significant portion is reproduced in

The name next to the assignment is the person who has agreed
to do a protocol of the reading for our meeting.

July 14:
  • Read "History and Man" from Way to Wisdom. Download
    here. (SLOAN)
  • Read Truth & Symbol, Chapter One. Download here.
  • Read Truth & Symbol, Chapter Two. Download here.

July 21:
  • Read Truth & Symbol, Chapter Three. Download here.
  • Read Truth & Symbol, Chapter Four. Download here.
  • Read Part Two : What is Man?
  • The New Situation, pp. 37-61
  • The New Perspective, pp. 61-124
  • Read Keith Brown, "The I-Not I Discourse". Download here.

July 28:
  • Read Part Three: What is Philosophy?
  • Introduction, pp. 124-137
  • Periechontology, pp. 137-209
  • Read Richard Owsley, "Karl Jaspers: Metaphysics,
    Ontology, and Periechontology." Download here.