Socrates drags
Alcibiades from the
Clutches of
Sensual Pleasure
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for many professors in UNT's Department of Philosophy
& Religion Studies, I have begun to offer intensive
tutorials and private seminars to qualified students.

For specific questions and rates, send me an e-

Private Tutoring is available for the following classes at the
University of North Texas-Denton for Summer & Fall 2008:

PHIL 1050 Intro to Philosophy
PHIL 1400 Intro to Moral Issues
PHIL 2050 Introduction to Logic
PHIL 2070 Introduction to Great Religions
PHIL 2310 Introduction to Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 2330 Introduction to Modern Philosophy
PHIL 2500 Environmental Issues
PHIL 2600 Ethics in Science
PHIL 3310 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 3330 Modern Philosophy
PHIL 3580 Early Christian Thought
PHIL 4600 Phenomenology
PHIL 4700 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 5335 Topics in Modern Philosophy
PHIL 5993 Phenomenology

Private Seminars for more than one student at a discount rate
can be arranged for all of the above classes. Contact me
for more info.

In order to keep myself honest and not turn into a mere sophist for
hire, each semester I offer a free intensive reading group for
DISCIPLINED students. The purpose of each group is to examine
most rigorously one text or idea in the life-work of a philosopher
so that it's insights might find application in the thought and life of
the attendants.

  • Summer I 2008: Edmund Husserl's CRISIS OF THE
  • Summer II 2008: Karl Jaspers' PERIECHONTOLOGY
  • Fall 2008: Plato's THE REPUBLIC and THE SYMPOSIUM
  • Spring 2009: Foucault's HERMENEUTICS OF THE

For more information on the reading group, contact me here.