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Keith Wayne Brown
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Keith's Old Conference/Research Papers

Keith Wayne Brown, Born in Abilene, TX
(1964),raised in Waxahachie, TX, I moved to
Denton about 16 years ago (1993). I sold my
house in May 2007 when all the dust and molds
made me too sick. I also cut my library in half. I
am big into  poetry and currently still working
on my next set of poems/aphorisms/letters.
(Take a look at the older stuff

I am a part-time teaching assistant/grader at the
University of North Texas Department of
Philosophy and Religion Studies. I have done
this forever; you can see my CV of these
here. Basically, I am a hired gun
brought in by professors. They choose me
because I can get the job done. I am now
moving into private tutoring as well as
designing the web page for the department,

I am actually a philosopher (school of
existential phenomenology). Since I am not
some kid who only recently decided to major in
the history of philosophy or environmental
ethics, professors and students know that I can
"get her done!"

But, despite how much time I spend in and
around university class rooms, I loathe the
academy in so many ways. The university is off
course, and I am not sure it can get back on. So
I just take advantage of the system to meet
really cool people and to create a small,
supportive community of local thinkers despite
the best efforts of bureaucrats to stop that
tradition on or near colleges.

Although I am a paid tutor who offers private
seminars to individuals and groups for a fee, I
always try to lead free reading groups in each
of the three academic semesters (Fall, Spring,
& Summer) as well as co-sponsoring the
Undergraduate Philosophy Club.